Health of the Tamaulipas is a priority of the Government of Tamaulipas: Secretary

CITY VICTORIA, Tamaulipas .- The Secretary of Health, Gloria Molina Gamboa said today that the health and welfare of the population occupies a high priority for the government of Tamaulipas and reiterated the willingness to work in a coordinated state-federation to increase coverage, close the inequality gap and progress towards the universalization of services.

The official presided in this capital city, meetings and work meetings to analyze the achievements of the Second National Health Week 2019 and give continuity to the guidelines of the agreement for the exchange of services between institutions in the sector.

Before the members of the State Vaccination Council (COEVA), recognized the effort made by staff of the Ministry of Health, the IMSS, ISSSTE and DIF Tamaulipas to achieve the 99.9 percent of the goals scheduled both in vaccination, and in prevention actions and promotion.

Molina Gamboa thanked the support of the Ministry of Education and the support of parents to apply the 100 percent of the vaccine against the Human Papillomavirus to fifth grade girls, which was the central activity during the second National Week of health.

Later, the head of the SST led the training work for the exchange of services to the management and operational staff of the hospital units, as part of the collaboration agreement between the Mexican Institute of Social Security, the Institute of Social Security and Services State workers, the High Specialty Regional Hospital of Victoria, the Social Protection in Health Regime of Tamaulipas and the Ministry of Health of Tamaulipas.

"To carry out the provision of services in a systematic and cross-cutting manner, it is necessary to have knowledge of the processes, instruments and guidelines that contribute to the proper functioning of this program," he said.

He added: "guaranteeing the population access to health services, is essential for the development of a healthier Tamaulipas, with families in full welfare."

The personnel training work included topics related to the Service Exchange Program and its legal framework, Technical instruments for the standardization of care and administrative procedures, Review of Service Exchange Procedures and the workshop of practical exercises for hospitalization processes. and consultation, among others of equal importance.

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