Tamaulipas guarantees health care after contingency due to rain

Reynosa, Tamaulipas., With the deployment of 290 items equipped with medicines, supplies and heavy machinery, the Ministry of Health intensified the actions of prevention and control of diseases in Reynosa, after the contingency caused by the rains on the northern border.

The head of the SST, Gloria Molina Gamboa said that the Health Response Plan activated to instruction of the State Government, entered the 3 phase (after), which includes the situational diagnosis of medical units, care in health units, the integration of mobile medical brigades, re-evaluation of medicines and supplies, as well as the sanitary discharge.

For this, the mobilization of 25 vehicles, 15 heavy nebulizer machines and portable 15, 3 larvicide tons, 50 insecticide drums, laboratory reagents for dengue and cholera, supply of medicines and supplies, chlorine, colloidal silver and the distribution of printed materials with preventive measures.

The health response is carried out under 5 priority action lines: medical care in temporary shelters, affected areas, health centers and hospitals; epidemiological surveillance; health surveillance, vector control and health promotion.

Molina Gamboa stressed that with these measures will be possible the fumigation of 750 hectares per day, the larval control in one thousand 500 daily housing, the elimination of mosquito breeding sites of dengue, Zika and Chikungunya as well as entomological studies in risk areas.

In addition to this, we will visit more than 60 flooded colonies for the detection of febrile and diarrheic patients, taking diagnostic samples and monitoring the diseases associated with rains.

Meanwhile, the State Commission for Protection against Sanitary Risks initiated sanitary checks on fixed and semi-fixed posts, the determination of residual chlorine, environmental monitoring of clear water and sewage, sampling of food, disinfection of latrines and basic sanitation.

"The priority for our governor is to protect the health of the population, prevent outbreaks or epidemics, neutralize health risks and address the diseases associated with the rains," he said.

Finally, the state official thanked the members of the Health Committees for their support, whose mobilization will be fundamental to promote preventive measures to reduce the likelihood and transmission of diseases that could harm the health of the inhabitants of this border.

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