Fisheries and aquaculture management

The Department of Fisheries Management is in charge of:

Propose and operate fishery regulation measures aimed at promoting sustainable fishing and
legal order, informing and executing actions tending to the improvement in the development of the fishing activity, in order to strengthen the fishing sector in the execution of activities.

Additionally, he is responsible for:

  • Ensure that sustainable development projects and programs are compatible with the needs of Tamaulipas, in fisheries and aquaculture matters, making a diagnosis through an assessment of the current situation or aquaculture fishing activity; in order to implement projects and programs that are really useful for producers and the fishing sector, and
  • Promote coordination with federal, state and municipal agencies and entities for the
    use of fishery and aquaculture resources; promoting programs, courses and workshops that
    provide greater knowledge and promotion of the products of the region, in order to obtain greater
    budget to support producers and in turn expand the opportunity for the fisherman to be part of a project or program, which is of benefit.

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