The Rules of Operation are the normative document that govern the various producer support programs.

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Its function is to regulate, promote and manage the exploitation of fisheries and aquaculture resources in the national territory, it also establishes the bases for the exercise of the attributions that in the matter correspond to the federation, the states and the municipalities.

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Consult the norms that establish the rules, specifications, attributes, guidelines, characteristics or prescriptions applicable to a product, process, installation, system, activity, service or method of production or operation, as well as those related to terminology, symbology, packaging, marking or labeling and those that refer to their compliance or application in terms of control and sanitary promotion of the fishing and aquaculture activity.

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It has the objective of providing guidelines for the adequate compliance with the requirements of the Mexican Bivalve Molluscs Health Program (PMSMB), used for the classification of harvest areas, the certification of harvesters and processors, as well as the control and sanitary surveillance of its activities and the requirements for the commercialization of these products in the export markets.

Certification of bivalve molluscs to the USA Certification of bivalve molluscs

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