The main functions of the Infrastructure Department are:

  • Propose, manage and program basic infrastructure projects necessary in the strengthening and development of aquaculture and fishing activities based on dredging actions
  • Construction and maintenance of jetties for the preservation of coastal mouths, as well as the development of fishing, aquaculture and mariculture works,
  • In addition to: Carry out the internal inspection of the state works of breakwaters and dredging and follow up on the works of the Federal Government, supervising the priority works authorized by the federal government, supporting as much as possible the authorities or executing companies, making a supervision of accompaniment and integrating the technical file of the project containing the identification cards of said infrastructure, for the various ports of arrival and bars of the State; with the objective of modernizing, rehabilitating, expanding and giving stability to the arrival capacity of the ports, preserving the optimum possible draft in their navigation channels, for the movement of smaller and larger vessels, promoting communication between the vessels that make up the lagoon systems that surround it, promoting greater interaction between cycles

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