ARTICLE 32. The Secretariat of Fisheries and Aquaculture, in addition to the powers assigned to it by the legal provisions in force, is responsible for the dispatch of the following matters:

  1. Formulate and execute programs for the promotion and development of fishing and aquaculture activities;
  2. Coordinate, promote and arrange the integration of actions and the investment of federal and state resources with producers and consumers;
  3. Promote and strengthen the participation of producers with the agencies and entities competent to carry out programs and actions aimed at the sustainable development of the fishing and aquaculture sectors;
  4. Operate the Fisheries Development Centers, establishing, where appropriate, agreements and agreements with federal, state and municipal authorities, as well as with producer organizations, in order to improve the provision of those services;
  5. Promote and support the organizations of fish and aquaculture producers in the management of credits and insurances, as well as for the adoption of technological innovations, the opening of marketing channels and, in general, the establishment of management systems;
  6. Encourage and support research and education programs in fisheries and aquaculture, as well as disseminate their results and provide advice in these fields;
  7. Prepare programs of infrastructure works for fisheries and aquaculture, as well as promote their execution before the competent authorities;
  8. Monitor the preservation of the State's natural fishery resources, in coordination with the Secretariat of Urban Development and the Environment, in accordance with the provisions in force;
  9. Establish, in coordination with the State Water Commission of Tamaulipas, policies, strategies, objectives and norms for the proper operation of the programs related to the use and supply of water for aquaculture purposes, as well as the inherent goods that the Federation has transferred or transfer to the State;
  10. Promote and support the industrialization and commercialization of fisheries and aquaculture products generated in the State, in coordination with the Secretariat of Economic Development;
  11. Organize and participate in events and fairs that promote the development and competitiveness of fishing and aquaculture activities in the State, as well as in missions aimed at the consolidation and opening of markets;
  12. Promote the organization, training and technical assistance of fish and aquaculture producers;
  13. Advise the municipalities and producer organizations that request it, in fisheries and aquaculture matters;
  14. Promote a system for the certification of origin and quality of the fishery and aquaculture products of the State;
  15. Organize and promote services related to fishing and aquaculture activities, considering the availability of natural resources and products generated in each region, as well as the market situation;
  16. Propose and support the development of the State's fisheries and aquaculture hydraulic infrastructure, in coordination with the Federation, the State Water Commission of Tamaulipas and the State Councils and in consultation with producer organizations;
  17. Promote reproductive programs to raise the genetic quality of fisheries and aquaculture production;
  18. Encourage and support the conservation, preservation and rational use of fisheries and aquaculture resources, in coordination with the Federation, the Secretariat of Urban Development and the Environment, other State Entities and City Councils, as well as with other dependencies of the public administration itself of the State;
  19. Promote and contribute, in coordination with the Secretariat of Urban Development and Environment, to the conservation of freshwater aquaculture flora and fauna, as well as promote their development;
  20. To exercise, in coordination with the dependencies and corresponding state entities, the functions assumed by the State under coordination agreements concluded with the Federation or the State Councils in fisheries or aquaculture matters, when so established therein;
  21. Collaborate with the Federal Government in the integration and revision of the National Fisheries Registry and, in coordination with the State Water Commission of Tamaulipas, the Water Rights Registry and Users Register of Irrigation Districts, dedicated to aquaculture ;
  22. Promote the updating of legal provisions and official Mexican standards applicable to fisheries and aquaculture matters;
  23. Formulate the inventory of fishing and aquaculture resources and infrastructure and, in coordination with the State Water Commission of Tamaulipas, of the hydraulic infrastructure resources existing in the State;
  24. Coordinate the entities determined by the State Executive according to the matter of its competence; Y
  25. The others indicated by the laws, regulations and other legal provisions, as well as those entrusted to him by the Governor of the State in relation to its powers.

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