Certification of Oyster Areas

Certification of Ostricolous Areas in Matamoros and San Fernando Tamaulipas

The certification of oyster areas is a theoretically mandatory activity at the national level, whose surveillance falls on the Federal Health Secretariat through the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (COFEPRIS). Additionally, it is the first step to promote the production of bivalve molluscs in the national territory, and the first step for international markets. In Matamoros, certification activities are being carried out to comply with the legal framework applicable in our country, while for San Fernando, the 18 of October of the current year will sign the agreement with the Tamaulipas Secretariat of Health (SST), to coordinate the start of this type of activities in that area.

Goals: Count on three certified areas for the 2019 end:

  • 2 Areas in San Fernando,
  • 1 Area in Matamoros.

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