The Government of Tamaulipas, through the Ministry of Fisheries, presented the benefits of the Omega 3 program "Nutrition for All" to mayors of the Altiplano and representatives of various localities in the center-south of the state, which intends to provide diets based on pulp of fish to 13 thousand inhabitants of these regions.

The meeting was attended by the municipal presidents of Llera, Héctor Manuel de la Torre Valenzuela; from Tula, Lenin Vladimir Coronado Posadas; from Miquihuana, María Anselma de León; as well as officials from the municipalities of González, Ocampo, Güemes, Bustamante, Jaumave and Casas, with the purpose of explaining the benefits of the program and the nutritional impact of the consumption of fish meat.

The diet complies with the standards recommended by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), which considers a per capita consumption of 12 kilograms per year of fish meat.

In this program they will have to supply rations from 100 to 125 grams in a constant way to fulfill the objective mainly in children, food that will help their physical and mental development to be optimal for their growth.

The products made from fish pulp are found in different presentations (Chorizo, hamburgers, medallions, sausages, meatballs and ground beef) which makes it a versatile food of easy preparation attractive for children.

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