• March 20 2019
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Tamaulipas fishermen will receive boats and engines

The Government of the State will invest, in coordination with the Federal Government and fishermen of the entire coast of Tamaulipas, about 25 million pesos for the acquisition of engines and vessels that will benefit more than 600 families of the entity.

In order to coordinate the delivery of these supports, the Secretary of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Raúl Ruiz Villegas, met with federal authorities and suppliers of the "Impulse to capitalization" program, which includes the subcomponent of substitution of smaller vessels.

This is a tripartite investment close to the 25 million pesos, which will benefit more than 600 families from the municipalities of Tampico, Ciudad Madero, Altamira, Gonzalez, Aldama, Soto la Marina, San Fernando, Matamoros.

The resources invested will be used for the acquisition of 134 outboard four-stroke engines, 84 smaller vessels and 157 satellite equipment.

The program will benefit 100% of applicants who complied with the regulations and operating rules of the program.

Ruiz Villegas informed that the support of the Governor of the State Francisco García has been fundamental Cabeza de Vaca to achieve this capitalization that guarantees the direct employment of 400 riparian fishermen, generates more than 200 indirect jobs and boosts the profitability and sustainability of the fishing activity.

In addition, thanks to the high technology of marine engines, it contributes significantly to the conservation of the environment.

The Secretary informed that with the execution of this program, agreed actions are carried out in the state development plan, aligned with its strategic lines.

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