• 21 January 2019
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Within the framework of the program to promote fishing and aquaculture activity and as a strategy for the development of aquaculture, the Government of Tamaulipas through the Ministry of Fisheries will benefit 9 producer organizations of this municipality, which will implement techniques for fattening of oyster in suspension, expecting to obtain 450 annual tons of this crustacean, which will be sold to the national market with the support of the same unit.

The Secretary of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Raúl Ruiz Villegas, met with producers of the aquaculture sector in San Fernando, where 9 signed agreements to promote productive activities with an investment of 4.5 million pesos.

In this sense, the individual sale of the organisms will allow the producers a high commercial profitability.

This alternative employment contributes to the reduction of overfishing in the mother lagoon, generating more than 100 direct jobs and incorporating women and young people in food production.

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