Technical Services and Projects

The Undersecretariat of Technical Services and Projects has in its competence, coordinate and manage the actions corresponding to the elaboration of executive projects, in accordance with the current regulations of public works; in the areas of drinking water, sanitation, construction, modernization and conservation of roads, construction; coordination with other agencies of the three levels of government, requesting the approval of resources for the bidding and contracting processes within the applicable reference frameworks of the law.

Always optimizing resources, preserving the environment and actively contributing to the continuous improvement and improvement of the urban environment with the dynamic participation of the community.

Specific functions

  1. Coordinate the annual work program attached to the requirements and current regulations according to the nature of the project.
  2. Support for compliance with the Annual Public Works Program authorized to the Public Works Secretariat in the stages of preparation and / or review of the executive project.
  3. Support in fulfilling the requests included in the annual programs of the public works authorized to other dependencies or entities of the public administration of the state, in the stage of executive project.
  4. Provide punctual attention to officials of the three levels of government in matters inherent to public works projects.
  5. Punctual attention to contractors in matters inherent to public works projects.
  6. Establish the general, particular specifications and quality standards applicable to the executive project.
  7. Evaluate, authorize and manage in a timely manner the request for the necessary resources for the operation of this undersecretary; meet and enforce the guidelines for the proper use and optimization thereof, always in favor of continuous improvement over the operation of the areas.
  8. Supervise the preparation and approve the base budgets of each of the executive projects submitted to the undersecretary.
  9. Manage the approval of investment projects according to the base budget prepared, likewise propose adjustments to them and coordinate the control of approved investments and their application.
  10. Organize and review the preparation of unit files prior to the bidding process, authorize the bases and terms of reference of each of the investment projects.
  11. Organize through the applicable regulations the publications and / or invitations to present technical and economic proposals.
  12. Organize the signing of the corresponding work or service contract through the stipulated regulation.
  13. Authorize the elaboration and application of extraordinary unit prices corresponding to the works contracts and / or during the execution process at the request of the supervisory areas and accepted by the project and specification areas.
  14. Coordinate by procedure established by law and in the respective contract the procedure, calculation results and application of cost adjustment factors.
  15. Punctual follow-up to the commitments made by the State executive with the social and private sectors that are related to the functions of the Public works secretary.
  16. Supervise the operation of coordination mechanisms between the public, social and private sectors for the realization of public works.
  17. Maintain permanent and timely communication with the immediate superior area of ​​the programmed activities, in process and concluded, in order to unify criteria for the fulfillment of the proposed objectives.
  18. To attend opportunely the other functions that in the scope of their competition delegate the superiority to him.

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