Social Infrastructure

Coordinate and supervise projects of construction, expansion and rehabilitation of social infrastructure in the areas that are objective in the State Development Plan, and that seek to raise the quality of life of the Tamaulipecos such as: Hospitals, Community Centers, Linear or Neighborhood Parks , Lighting, Electrification, Cisterns, Sanitary Drainage Networks, Potable Water Networks, Water Treatment Plants, Residual Water Treatment Plants and Urbanization, among others. All with the firm institutional purpose of improving the infrastructure of our society and preserve its historical and cultural heritage.


  • Systematize the institutional links with the dependencies or entities that correspond, for the realization of works or services linked to them; as well as, the operation of the projects of its competence;
  • Monitor, within our jurisdiction, the proper application of processes and techniques, previously authorized for the execution of public infrastructure projects planned in the State;
  • Supervise the correct fulfillment of the contracts assigned to the Undersecretary, whose purpose is the construction of public works;
  • Review and Authorize all the technical cases that according to the applicable fundamentals correspond to the Undersecretary, subjecting it to the approval of the instances, norms and corresponding processes, in time and form;
  • Collaborate in the construction of works executed by dependencies and / or entities of the State or Municipalities with which an agreement is agreed;
  • Organize and review within the guidelines, everything related to the activities of the Undersecretary, implementing the necessary resources for the proper fulfillment of the tasks that are the responsibility of the area;
  • Inspect, review and dictate, in correlation and cooperation with the administrative dependencies that correspond the works, services and operational projects of their responsibility, ensuring that they comply with the applicable legal stipulations;
  • Make the connection between the various levels of municipal government, state; as well as, the Secretariat itself in what corresponds to the construction that they execute within their jurisdiction.

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