Specific Attributions

  • Promote equal opportunities for the integral development of women in Tamaulipas through the encouragement of the defense and representation of their interests, the promotion of the culture of equality and respect for their rights and the adoption of attitudes and commitments among the different orders of government as well as society as a whole, to avoid and eliminate any kind of discrimination based on gender.
  • Promote the modification of sociocultural patterns of behavior of men and women, to overcome prejudices and customs, as well as eliminate any use or practice based on the premise of the superiority or inferiority of men or women or in the assignment of social stereotypes for one or another and that affect the inequality of women.
  • Encourage greater integration of women in the activities of political, economic, social and cultural development, through the promotion of actions to open and expand their opportunities for participation in all areas of public and private life.
  • Promote gender equality between men and women, as well as full equality of rights and opportunities for the integral development of women in the State.
  • Promote collaboration between government and institutional orders at the state level, as well as society in general, with the purpose of achieving synergies in favor of actions aimed at equal opportunities for the integral development of women.

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