Training Area

It acts as a consultative, training and advisory body for the dependencies and entities of the State Public Administration, as well as the municipal ones, and the social and private sectors, in matters of equity and equal rights and opportunities for women.

Promote the mainstreaming of the gender perspective and its implementation, through the training and professionalization of public servants responsible for planning, applying and evaluating public policies, as well as programs in each government sector, with the in order to influence the State Development Plan.

This Area is also in charge of imparting different workshops, talks and conferences to the institutions and schools that require it by means of an official letter duly completed.

For young:
  • Violence in courtship
  • Sexual and reproductive rights of adolescents
New courses for the 2019:
  • Introduction to the Gender Perspective (Talk or Workshop)
  • Prevention of Violence against Women (Talk or Workshop)
  • Keys to understanding inequality gaps (Talk or Workshop)
  • Inclusive and Non-Sexist Language (Talk or Workshop)
  • Sexual and Reproductive Rights (Talk)
  • Sensitization of Sexual and Reproductive Rights of adolescents (Awareness Workshop)
  • Sexual Harassment and Harassment (Talk)
  • Trafficking in Persons (Talk)


Attention and Information to the public on schedule

Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

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