• 24 September 2021
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NAME path


Cd Victoria Tamaulipas; The day 7 July of this year, the integration of a Governing Group corresponding to the implementation of the NAME path in the State, made up of the dependencies of priority participation in the care of girls and adolescent mothers and / or pregnant women. Where the 10 priority municipalities were defined (Altamira, González, Madero, Mante, Matamoros, Nuevo Laredo, Reynosa, Rio Bravo, Tampico, Victoria); in addition to agreeing on the topics to be implemented in the NAME Route training aimed at service officials.


The days 13 15 de julio y, two meetings were held in order to share the purpose and objective of the Fund for the Well-being and Advancement of Women, and formalize the Municipal Groups for the Prevention of Adolescent Pregnancy in the Municipalities of Altamira and Victoria, where there was the presence of links from the Secretary of the City Council of both municipalities, SE SIPINNA Municipal, Secretariat of Social Welfare, Attorney for the Protection of Boys, Girls and Adolescents, Youth and Sports, Technical Secretariat and Institute of Women in Tamaulipas.

Commitments were established to share and disseminate the material of the I Decide Campaign, as well as to include them in the training for the Implementation of the NAME route.

The day 14 July the 2nd working meeting was held with the Group for the Prevention of Adolescent Pregnancy (GEPEA), counting on the participation of the and links of the instances belonging to GEPEA, as well as staff from FOBAM. In this meeting the importance of the formation of the Steering Group was taken up, as well as the importance of starting with the necessary work for the implementation of the NAME registration system in the State.

During the month of August, the School for the Strengthening of Adolescent Leadership was implemented, with the opening date of the day 3 August and end date on October 12It is attended by adolescents between 11 and 14 years old. It addresses issues through which the development of leadership skills and attitudes in adolescent girls, knowing the Rights of Girls and Adolescents, as well as Sexual and Reproductive, Gender Perspective and non-violence are addressed. (censor the faces of the teenage girls in the photos).

The days August 25, 26 and 29 Training was carried out for the Implementation of the NAME Route aimed at service personnel from the different State Instances belonging to the GEPEA, with a maximum attendance of 189 civil servants of the State.


El September 8 In 2021, the 3rd Working Meeting with the GEPEA was held with the assistance of the links of the dependencies belonging to the GEPEA, as well as the coordination and monitoring of FOBAM. In this meeting the progress in the exercise of the goals of the program was reviewed, concerns and areas of opportunity presented by some of the dependencies regarding the prevention of adolescent pregnancy were reviewed, reaching the following agreements: scheduling a meeting to settle In Minutes the incorporation of the Civil Association Building the Social Fabric to the GEPEA, deliver the evidence corresponding to the dissemination of the "I DECIDE" campaign, define dates and implement an asynchronous training of the NAME Route to meet the needs of the state, and schedule a second meeting of the Strategic Group.

The day 15 September 2021 Asynchronous Training for the Implementation of the NAME Route in the State of Tamaulipas began, where the material provided during the Training held on August 25, 26 and 27 will be replicated; This in order to cover the needs identified in the state, giving priority to training the care personnel of the dependencies that required it. This training is being carried out through the ClassRoom platform in a period from September 15 to 25.

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