Promotion of transparency and accountability FOBAM 2020

Within the framework of the Fund for the Well-being and Advancement of Women (FOBAM) 2020, the Institute of Women in Tamaulipas (IMT) participated in the call issued by the National Institute of Women (INMUJERES) on March 10, 2020 (bases) in which the IMT benefited from the authorization for the execution of the project called: «Strengthening of the GEPEA through comprehensive and inter-institutional actions that contribute to the eradication of infant pregnancy and prevention of adolescent pregnancy in Tamaulipas during the period from 15 December June to December 30, 2020 ».
On August 18, 2020, the first administration of the approved resource was made for a total of $ 1,830,319.66 pesos; The second ministerial was held on September 8, 2020 for an amount of $ 1,007,216.34 pesos, giving a total of $ 2,837,536.00 pesos.
The following presentation summarizes the activities carried out with the FOBAM approved resource: delivery-of-results-fobam-2020

Contact information is shared for information on:
Institute of Women in Tamaulipas
-Responsible for the project and Citizen Participation Liaison:
Ing. José Juan López Reyes, 8341101621 ext: 105,
-President of the Citizen Participation Committee
Prof. Maria Yolanda Fernandez Herrera, myfernandez @
-Internal Control Body of INMUJERES
-Public Function Secretary

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