Tamaulipas women form Sorority Circles

Cd. Victoria Tamps; During the months of October November and December, weekly meetings were held with groups of Tamaulipecas women of the municipalities of Altamira, Camargo, Matamoros, Miguel Alemán, Padilla, San Fernando, Tampico, Tula and Victoria,  that formed Sorority circles,  where they talked and carried out activities that generated a rapprochement with themselves and with other women through reflection exercises, where they fostered closeness by remembering their similarities, dreams, longings for life and experiences.

Each Sorority circles are a space for the well-being of women where psychologists, lawyers and social workers of the Institute of Women in Tamaulipas They guide the activities with each of the circles and thus mutual support occurs in difficult times where the everyday and the extraordinary is shared.


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