Who we are

The Tamaulipeco Institute of Scholarships, Encourages and Educational Credits (ITABEC) is a decentralized public body with legal personality and its own assets, seconded to the Ministry of Education.

The ITABEC offers financing for high school, undergraduate and graduate studies within and outside the country, with a credit system that allows beneficiaries to pay their debt, six months after completing their level of studies.

The ITABEC has various types of scholarships and educational incentives for students who wish to continue studying. Students interested in acquiring some type of support can consult the different programs available to the Institute.

The agency aims to systematize, integrate and coordinate as the only instance in the state, the processes of granting scholarships, credits and educational incentives, from different educational institutions whether public and / or private, and in all types and levels education, in order to improve the coverage, equity and quality of the State Scholarship System

Grant funding, scholarships, incentives and educational credits at all educational levels, aimed at those young people born in Tamaulipas or with a residence of no less than three years, within the basic, upper, higher and postgraduate types of education, with desires and ability for the study, that do not have enough economic resources for it, as well as to support and stimulate any research project in educational matters, which will benefit the social and economic development of the State.

The Mission of the Institute is to support, through the granting of educational loans, those young Tamaulipas, whose personal project is to study the upper and upper secondary levels, both inside and outside the country; besides supporting with different types of scholarships to carry out studies in public and private institutions that cover all educational levels depending on the program the student enters, so that these students have the opportunity to start, continue and finish their studies.

Its Vision is to achieve equity among those who aspire to pursue higher and secondary education, creating in young people an awareness of responsibility and reciprocity with other generations of students and with society itself.

Principles of ITABEC

  • To direct financing efforts to achieve a greater correspondence between the studies and the needs of society.
  • Influence the quality of education.
  • Generate more committed attitudes in students.
  • Allow healthy financing to higher education institutions, co-responsible for those who provide and those who receive education.
  • Promote equity.

Quality politics
Promote education as a state priority, with a vision of State and social sensitivity, raising the quality of management in the service, in relation to scholarship programs and educational loans, aimed at low-income and high-performance students, at the levels upper and upper middle

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