Stimulus for Educational Excellence

List of Beneficiaries
Period February June 2016

The objective of this program is to support Tamaulipecos students who have academic excellence and who study outside the State at the Higher and Higher Education levels, in public and private schools (with Recognition of Official Validity of RVOE Studies), to support the continuation of their studies, contributing to the formation and development of human capital Tamaulipeco.

Students with an average of 9.0 to 9.49 will be candidates for encouragement in the Upper Middle to Upper Levels; and for those students with an average of 9.5 to 10 in the Higher Level inside and outside the country, in the case of academic exchange, this must be included in the academic program (only in Bachelor's Level) with a minimum average of 9.0, and it will only be applicable once during the race.

General requirements:

  • To be Tamaulipas or to have 5 as a minimum of verifiable residence in the company of your family (submit supporting documentation).
  • That your parents reside in Tamaulipas.
  • Study outside the State.
  • You must complete the electronic application in its entirety and correctly at
  • Be an academically regular student, carrying the maximum load of subjects according to the curriculum.
  • The process must be done at the ITABEC offices located at: De los Pajaritos street s / n, Pajaritos area in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas or at the offices of the Government of Tamaulipas in Nuevo León and Mexico City.
  • In the case of private schools, they must have recognition of the official validity of the RVOE study (Federal and / or State).
  • Do not count on another scholarship for your studies.
  • The modality must be 100% presence

Authorized Support Offices.

Representation of Tamaulipas in Nuevo León
Francisco G. Sada #2951
Col Chepevera, Monterrey, NLCP 64030
Telephones: (52.81) 812.334.77, 812.334.79

Representation of Tamaulipas in Mexico City
Monte Hermon #125
Col. Lomas de Chapultepec Mexico City, Federal District CP 11000
Telephones: (52.55) 5566-3447, 5566-3027, 5566-3055.


The average will be considered as follows:
* For the Averages in 9.5 to 10.00 must have obtained these same averages in each of the semesters, quarters, quarters (as applicable in the educational institution) completed previously, which will be applicable in educational levels previously completed until the Upper level.
* For the Average Averages of 9.0 to 9.49, the general average will be considered, for the educational level in which you are studying at the time you request the stimulus.

Basic documentation:

  1. Electronic application filled out in a complete, correct and printed form directly from the ITABEC system once it has been completed at 100% and electronically filled out and will provide the documents proving the information contained therein to the full satisfaction of ITABEC. In the same way you must sign the original application and the privacy notice (same as in the official identification that you submit). This will be done each time you request to compete for the Stimulus for Educational Excellence.
  2. Original certificate of registration for the semester that will be taken according to the period in which the Stimulus will be requested, specifying the degree, semester and period (payment receipts will not be accepted).
  3. Documentation that certifies that he satisfactorily approved all the subjects, subjects, modules or credits of the school cycles, semesters, semesters, quarters, which may be the following documents: Kardex or academic record (with seal and original signature of the educational institution), school certificate with disaggregated grades, proof of studies with grades broken down by semester.
  4. They will present a copy of the curriculum that describes:
    • The subjects to be studied in each period of school (semester, semester, trimester, or as established by the national or foreign educational institution in which they are studying).
    • The name of the career, specialty, master's or doctorate to be studied.
    • The total duration of the studies to be studied.
    • The grade you will get when you finish your studies.
  5. A copy of the official identification (voter's credential or passport or military card) in force and readable by both sides, in case of being a minor present a copy of the current school credential of the Institution where he will study.
  6. Copy of proof of family address (receipt of water or electricity or telephone or natural gas or cable).
  7. Copy of proof of address of the student (receipt of water or electricity or telephone or natural gas or cable).
  8. Copy of proof of recent monthly income of the person (s) economically dependent on the student (father, mother or guardian, spouse, etc.), in which the payment period and name of the worker appear.
  9. Present an official document that establishes the equivalence of the qualifications obtained abroad, equivalent to the evaluation system applicable to the degree of studies in Mexico.

In the case of Academic Exchange (only for Bachelor's level and must be included in the academic program):

  1. Official document issued by the Institution where he studies in Mexico that specifies the place and duration of the exchange.
  2. Copy of the letter of acceptance of the foreign educational institution, in the event that the document is in a language other than Spanish, applicants to the Stimulus, must submit it to "EL ITABEC" with its proper translation into Spanish.

NOTE: It should be understood that any type of documentation submitted by applicants for a Stimulus in case of being in a language other than Spanish, must be presented with a proper translation into Spanish.

Additional documentation for students who will enter the first semester of high school level

  • 1 Copy of high school certificate.

Additional documentation for students who will enter the first semester of the Bachelor's level.

  • 1 Copy of baccalaureate certificate or proof of completion of studies.

Additional documentation for students who will study Specialty

  • Be titled.

Additional Documentation for students who will take Postgraduate

  • 1 Professional ID copy.
  • 1 Copy of professional title.
  • Letter of explanation of reasons that explains why you want to study the postgraduate.


The Stimulus for Educational Excellence program does not include RENOVATIONS. If you had this stimulus in the previous period, you will only update the necessary academic information, consult the front page of your application to know the required documentation that you must attach at the time of delivery.

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