Maintenance Grant Tam

Maintenance Grants Tam period February - June 2019.

The Tam Maintenance Scholarship program is aimed at University Degree and Higher Technician (TSU) students who have entered or are studying at Public Higher Education Institutions (IPES) in Tamaulipas.

This program is implemented by the Government of the State of Tamaulipas, through the Ministry of Education and the ITABEC, with the objective of contributing to ensure greater coverage, inclusion and educational equity for the construction of a more just society, reducing school dropouts , improve terminal efficiency and favor the incorporation of graduates in the productive sectors of the State.

It is free, it is not reimbursed.

To know the requirements, documentation and procedure to make an application consult Call for the period February - June 2019.

Please consult

Scholarship Application

Publication of Results

Characteristics of the Scholarship

The Tam Maintenance Scholarship consists of a single payment, which will cover a period from February to June of 2019.

First year of the curriculum. $ 3,750.00
Second year of the curriculum. $ 4,150.00
Third year of the curriculum. $ 4,600.00
Fourth year of the curriculum. $ 5,000.00
Fifth year of the curriculum. $ 5,000.00

Place and date

Reception of the 25 of February to the 13 of March 2019

For questions or clarifications, contact the telephones of the ITABEC
01 800 710 67 10
834 107 89 98

or e

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