Foundation of the ITABEC

El ITABEC was created by government decree the 02 of December of the 2011 and was published in the Official Newspaper No.147 on the 08 day of December of the same year. Effective January 02 day of the 2012.

The financing provided by the Institute is through Credits and Scholarships, according to its programs, whose granting requirements are established in the respective regulations.

To comply with its programs, the Institute has a normative document that establishes that the financial resources available to it must come from the State Government with the support of the Federal Government and the various social sectors and interested and committed institutions and organizations. with the educational and cultural development of the State.

The Tamaulipeco Institute of Scholarships, Encourages and Educational Credits has the following government body: the Board of Directors, who are responsible for regulating the organization and operation criteria that guide their functions.

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