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Dr. Gloria de Jesús Molina Gamboa

He is a Surgeon graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Chiapas. He has specialties in Epidemiology at the Mexican Institute of Social Security and Public Health from the Universidad Veracruzana.

He holds a Masters in Teaching in Public Health Sciences from the Autonomous University of Chiapas, a Master's Degree in Health Economics and a Master's Degree in Politics from the Autonomous University of Mexico.

In the professional field he worked as a Non-Family Doctor Epidemiologist; Director of Family Medicine Unit number 7 of IMSS; Delegational Coordinator of Medical Education; Head of Sanitary Jurisdiction No. 1; Deputy Director of Planning of the State Coordinating Unit of the PAC of the Health Institute; Coordinator of the State System of Social Protection in Health, in charge of the Dispatch of the Ministry of Health; all in the State of Chiapas. Director of Structure and Resources for the Sectoral Master Plan in the Federal Ministry of Health.

Technical Secretary of the Rectory of the Autonomous University of Chiapas; General Coordinator of Virtual University; Executive Secretary; Full time professor and General Coordinator of the Audes Milenio, by the same University.

Professor: Seminar on Economics and Health Financing; Subject: Quality of Attention; Associate Professor: Public Management, Organizational Culture and Citizenship. Bachelor in Security of Human Populations before Disasters; Professor of Undergraduate Internship; Full-time Professor at the Mesoamerican Center for Public Health Studies of Disasters.

It has more than 60 workshops, courses and seminars to update.

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