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Dr. Irving Barrios Mojica

He has a Law Degree from the University Center of Mexico, and a Master's Degree in "Criminal Systems and Social Problems" from the University of Barcelona, ​​(Barcelona, ​​Spain); He is also a Doctor in Criminal Sciences and Criminal Policy from the National Institute of Criminal Sciences of Mexico.

He has participated in different courses, workshops and diplomas related to the topics of Criminal Sciences, Criminology, Administration and Law Enforcement, Amparo, Social Control and Public Security, Intelligence Services, Operations with Resources of Illicit Origin, Organized Crime, Human Rights , Accusatory Criminal Justice System and Oral Litigation, both in Mexico, Chile, the United States and Spain.

He has been a lecturer and speaker on issues related to Criminal Sciences, Criminal Policy, and Public Ministry.

In the workplace, he has served as legal advisor and has held various positions both in the Judicial Power of the Federal District, as well as in the Judicial Branch of the Federation. In the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food, he was the Auditor in charge of the Internal Comptrollership Responsibility Area.

In the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic, he held various positions in the Office of the Deputy Attorney General for Specialized Investigation in Organized Crime; He was also, by presidential appointment, Deputy Attorney General for Specialized Investigation in Federal Crimes.

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