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Decalogue of Commitments of the Members of the Cabinet.
Tamaulipas state government


1.- Evaluation of the cabinet and its main collaborators.

We will create a monitoring and evaluation system for the dependencies and entities of the public administration, government projects and public servants of all levels. The one that does not comply goes!

2.- Transparent government with accountability.

We will establish a transparent government that recovers the credibility of public institutions. We are obliged, as a government, to recover the confidence of citizens.

3.- Presentation of the 3 statement of 3 by government officials.

We will comply with the maximum publicity in relation to patrimonial declarations, interests and taxes, in order to advance in the response to social satiety in the face of corruption and impunity. We have the obligation to give certainty to society about our actions, we must conduct ourselves with honesty and responsibility.

4.- Acts of corruption, tithes or quotas in the contracting of public goods and services will not be tolerated.

We will exercise our positions with honesty, political sensitivity and a social vocation. We have the obligation to conduct ourselves with a high sense of public ethics in compliance with our administrative responsibilities. All of us who hold a position in the Government of Tamaulipas are agreeing to move away from the practices of "tithe" and "mochada".

5.- Modernize administrative processes, to make services more efficient.

We will promote the innovation of administrative processes and procedures to optimize the functioning of institutions. This innovation must allow to allocate greater human, material and financial resources to the social programs and to the actions demanded by the Tamaulipas.

6.- Optimize the resources of the dependencies (do more with less)

We will limit the useless expenses that damage the budget, we must send a message of good government practices. We recognize that the waste of public resources is one of the most felt criticisms of citizens and an aspect that negatively affects the standard of living of citizens. We are obliged to do MORE with LESS.

7.- Search for alternative funding sources

We will implement a strategy to obtain resources that allow us to carry out the execution of government programs and projects. There are national and foreign institutions that can contribute resources for the development of our state, let's review what the regulations allow us and act accordingly.

8.- Government with sensitivity to serve people

We will establish contact with citizens in the streets, an official who does not listen or see problems directly loses perspective and is out of touch with reality. I need a Cabinet in the streets to bring the Government closer to the citizens.

9.- Punctual attention to complaints and complaints from the public user

We will build an open and direct communication with the citizens, and we will design the procedures to attend in a timely and expedited manner the complaints presented by the citizens, to substantially improve the attention to the public.

10.- Government of Tod @ s and for All

We will govern looking for the Peace, Welfare and Development of Tamaulipas at all times. We will not make distinctions of any kind. We will not govern with grudges and resentments, but we will not allow impunity. Government programs, projects and actions will be applied in an impartial manner. We will not allow partisan use of our actions. The commitment we have made with the people of Tamaulipas is the search for the common good, so that acts of corruption, impunity and discrimination will be denounced and punished according to law. We will govern for all the women and all the men of our State.

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