Testimony of 2do Workshop of Hundred Supervisors

Featured students of UP Altamira

Scholarships Tam 2019-2020

Distribute Free Textbooks 2019-2020

2º State Workshop of Hundred Supervisors

August month value: Will

Free textbooks

English teachers participated in courses for Tamaulipeca Summer School 2019

Children's rights

Technological University of Tamaulipas Norte

UPV Maintenance Grant

Citizen Attention: We guarantee the right to Basic Education

Home of Tamaulipeca Summer School 2019

Tamaulipeca Summer School 2019

2018-2019 School Cycle concludes

Good Educational Practices of Higher and Higher Education Institutions

English Teacher Training for Tamaulipeca Summer School

July value: Respect

Integration Scholarship for Private Schools

National Games of Basic Education

One day ceremony at the Cabildo

CIEB Library

TamCoder 2019 Programming Contest

Recommendations in hot season

Delivery of laboratories to Telesecundaria

Gender Violence

Bank cards of the Educational Reform program

Father's Day

1er Parliament Inclusive of Persons with Disabilities

Recommendations for high temperatures

Campaign Can you see me?

Value of the month: Service

Online birth certificate

Build T Program

National Sports Games School of Basic Education 2018-2019

"Keep studying, follow your dreams"

Mother's Day Celebration

15 de Mayo Happy Teacher's Day!


Change of Affiliation or Exchange for the school year 2019-2020

Pupils of the different educational levels return to classes

Recommendations of holiday season.

National Sports Games School 2018-2019.

First 2019 Inclusive Carnival.

Expo EnerTam

Value: Responsibility

Full Time School

First Inclusive Carnival in Llera.

First 2019 Inclusive Carnival.

March, month of Special Education


Sign Collaboration Agreement with CISCO Networking Academy

2do National Congress of Educational Inclusion

Honors March month of Special Education

Network of Researchers for the Quality of Education in Tamaulipas

Democratic Experience at 2019 Elementary School

Inauguration of March, Month of Special Education

Robotics Club, Club de Leones Elementary School.

Multiple Care Centers.

International Women's Day.

Take advantage of discounts in Educational Credit payment.

Civic Day 2019.

March, month of Special Education in Tamaulipas.

The honesty.

Program Let's continue learning in the Hospital.

State Contest of School Escorts of Basic Education 2018-2019.

Diploma in Maintenance of Wind Generators.

Extemporaneous Assignment Process.

State Contest of the Tamaulipas Pride Program.

Tamaulipeca Quality Program 2019.

Tamaulipeca Quality Program 2019.

Tamaulipeca Quality Program 2019.

Inclusive Education, primary Carolina Balboa Gojon and USAER 75C.

Testimonial of an English teacher based in Tamaulipas.

Value of the month.

Testimonial of an English teacher based in Tamaulipas.

Construction works in Matamoros schools.

Preschool Definitive Registration.

What is love?

CAM Entrepreneurs.

Primary Definitive Registration.

Definitive inscriptions 2019-2020.

Delivery of places to English Advisors.

Special Education (CAM Emprendedores).

Definitive inscriptions.

Scholarships Purpose and Virtue.

Tamaulipas Pride Program.

Experimental Teaching Program of the Sciences in Tamaulipas.

Program Training of Readers and Writers.

Back to School Class 2018-2019.

Winners of the National Technical Secondary Robotics Competition No. 1 "Álvaro Obregón".

DIF Talent Contest: Singing, dancing and dancing on a wheelchair.

We invite you to the Lighting of 2018 Christmas Pine.

Student Telebachillerato de Palmillas, Pride Tamaulipeco.

Pillory Cerro del Diente.

Huapango La Petenera.

Talent contest DIF; Singing, dancing and dancing on a wheelchair.

Recommendations for the cold season.

TAM 2018 Fair.

Government of Tamaulipas will grant bases to English teachers.

TAM 2018 Fair.

Online course "Evaluation of teaching performance SPD" ...

Day of the Dead contests 2018.

Value of the month of October: Harmony.

Tam 2018 Fair.

Recommendations by time of cold fronts.

They invite to the traditional Contest of Monumental Skulls.


English Casting, Radio Program "Learning Time".

CONALEP Contest of Robotics 2018.

"Get online" courses.

Participatory State Consultation Forum, Tamaulipas for a National Agreement on Education.

Tamaulipas music and dance club.

SET starts the National Program for the Measurement of Functional Capacity.

V Congress of research and educational innovation UPN.

Scholarship for students with disabilities.

Ballet Folklórico CBTis 236.

Include, recognize and value.

Teacher training for interculturality.

Research for intercultural education.

The classrooms, spaces of diversity.

New ways of learning from an intercultural perspective.

We all know something.

Edit for diversity.

Higher Education.

Intercultural universities.

Voices of diversity.

Value of month: Harmony.

School Councils of Social Participation.

Military high school in Reynosa.

XXV National drawing and painting contest for children and youth, 2018.

Project «SEED BOT», Polytechnic University of Victoria.

Project «Rescue Robot», Polytechnic University of Victoria.

First accredited raffle completed by ITABEC.

Key learnings for integral education.

A new Educational Model.

With my supplies to school.


Gender Equity Program.

State Robotics Tournament, Tamaulipas Emprende 2018.


Anniversary of the INEA.

Program of Cultural and Educational Promotion.

Ample date of procedure of grant Purpose and Virtue.

Start of the school year 2018-2019.

Superior Media Scholarship or PREFECO

Start of the school year 2018-2019.

Healthy Education Program.

Program Let's continue learning in the Hospital.

Diploma in maintenance of wind generators.

Tamaulipas Pride Program.

School year closure 2017-2018.

Summer Tamaulipeca School Training 2018.

National school sports games of Basic Education.

Luis García de Arellano Medal

Procedure of Recognition of Official Validity of Studies (RVOE).

Program of Cultural and Educational Promotion.

First Meeting of Robotics Tamaulipas 2018.

Bimbo 2018 Futbolito Tournament.

Invitation to take Prepa Online - SEP 2018.

First campaign to collect sweaters and jackets.

Value of the month of January: Hope.

Final inscriptions for school year 2018-2019.

Recommendations for winter season in schools.

Mexico-United States Teacher Exchange Program 2018.

Rafael Ramírez Master Medal, for 30 years of teaching.

Happy return to classes and change of winter schedule.

State Government and SET call for the 1er State Contest of the Tamaulipas Pride Program.

Between partners we support each other.

Winners of contests for the Day of the Dead.

Delivery of school supplies in Matamoros.

Masters of Heart

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