It is the Undersecretariat responsible for:

  • Coordinate the relations of the Ministry of Education of Tamaulipas with the Federal Delegation of Education and with the financial offices of the SEP.
  • Plan, program, direct and evaluate:
    - The executive functions entrusted.
    - The adequate development and operation of the programs that are implemented from this Executive Unit, which provide an educational service.
    - The operation of the institutional management of the Centers and Regional Offices of Educational Development.
    - The coordination, monitoring and follow-up of programs, strategies and actions.
  • Make the link with associations and organizations of the educational sector and with the DIF Tamaulipas System.
  • Financial management before the SEP, derived from the agreement of the State Technical Committee of Basic Education, dated 14 December of 2016. It consists of managing before the authorities of the federation the timely filing of the resources assigned in the Framework Agreement for the Development of the Federal Programs, to exercise them according to the planning, otherwise the resource of reintegrates and limits the fulfillment of the goals.
  • Academic and technical matters in liaison with the Undersecretary of Basic Education.
  • To comply with and follow up on the topics of convergence with the Sub-Secretaries of Administration, Planning, Basic Education and Higher and Higher Education.
  • Interinstitutional relationship with the Secretariats and government agencies, whose programs, strategies and actions are related to Education.

For more information, you can contact:

Education secretary
Executive Unit
Government Tower "José López Portillo", 4 Floor,
Blvd. Praxedis Balboa s / n, Col. Miguel Hidalgo, Cd. Victoria, Tam., CP 87090
Tel .: (834) 318 9152, ext .: 56311

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