Payment of fees for education services via internet

Payment of fees for the Services provided by the State Educational Authorities and the application for Digital Tax Receipt via the Internet (CFDI).

The Government of the State through the Ministry of Finance, in order to streamline and facilitate processes, makes available to taxpayers and the State Educational Authorities, the "Payment of Rights through the website of the Secretariat of Finance "contemplated in Article 71 of Chapter III, Title III, of the Finance Law for the State.

In addition to complying with the provisions of Article 29, first and last paragraph of the Federal Tax Code, they include in the same payment procedure, the issuance of Digital Tax Proof for Internet (CFDI), to the taxpayer who so requires.

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The services provided by the educational authorities of the State will cause rights according to the following quota:

No. Concept Weights
Certification of studies:
1 Certification of basic type studies. 63.00
2 Certification of studies of upper average type 253.00
3 Issuance of duplicate of basic and upper middle school certificate. 63.00
4 Issuance of duplicate higher education certificate. 169.00
5 Examination on a sufficiency basis in basic studies. 63.00
6 Extraordinary examination of regularization in basic and upper secondary studies. 42.00
7 Extraordinary examination of regularization in higher type studies. 84.00
8 Issuance of basic and upper secondary education diploma. 63.00
9 Issuance of a higher education diploma. 253.00
10 Revalidation of primary studies. 42.00
11 Revalidation of secondary studies. 42.00
12 Revalidation of high school studies. 422.00
13 Revalidation of higher type studies. 1,267.00
Review of studies:
14 Review of basic type studies. 21.00
15 Review of higher type studies. 42.00
16 Issuance of teaching letter. 21.00
17 Legalization of University and Higher Normal documents. 63.00
18 Verification of compliance with requirements in primary type studies. 21.00
19 Verification of compliance with requirements in secondary studies. 42.00
20 Name correction in basic type studies. 21.00
21 Verification of the fulfillment of requirements in studies of medium superior and superior type (per student). 84.00
By request, study and resolution of the procedure of:
22 Recognition of the official validity of upper and upper secondary studies, by academic program. 10,984.00
23 Changes to each plan and program of study of upper and upper medium type with recognition of official validity. 4,647.00
24 Change or extension of domicile, establishment of an additional campus, with respect to each curriculum with recognition of official validity. 4,225.00

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