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Know the Tamaulipas that is, help in the reconstruction of the social fabric to rescue our identity from the school.

General objective:
Develop lines of action co-responsible with the members of Compulsory Education to contribute to the restitution of the social fabric and strengthen the graduation profile of students born and settled in the state. Promote in them the knowledge and sensitivity for their community, respect, love, identity, sense of belonging, the roots and pride of being Tamaulipas.

Specific objectives:

  1. Address the absence of identity and the sense of belonging from the school, for the rescue of our historical and cultural heritage, implementing strategies and actions from their daily scale and transversality with the current plan and programs
  2. Link in a holistic way the knowledge of the most relevant of Tamaulipas and its regions in the chronology of historical and contemporary places and events, economic activities, traditions, customs, festivities, music and dance, clothing, gastronomy, values ​​education, geography , care of their environment and environment, myths and legends.
  3. Promote the proactive participation and leadership of school groups to generate positive social impact. Promote critical capacity and self-management, respect, love and roots for Tamaulipas, in order to generate co-responsible attitudes aimed at being factors of change and transformation in society.
  4. Generate relationships of inter-institutional linkage with educational levels and programs, the State Congress, the 43 municipalities, DIF, Ministry of Tourism, Secretariat of Economic Development, Secretariat of Urban Development and Environment, ITCA, INEGI, SIC, INAH Tamaulipas, UAT , National Commission for the preservation of Cultural Heritage, Judicial Power of the State of Tamaulipas, Institute for the Research and Dissemination of Music and Dance in Tamaulipas, the Association of Journalists of Tamaulipas, Private Initiative, among others.

Compulsory Education, mainly Primary, Secondary and High School.

It is a state strategic program of new creation, of unpublished design contextualized to Tamaulipas and its regions, attending to the diversity of our entity.

Ponder the work and the transversal relationship between students, school groups, parents, society and government; contributes to the preservation of historical and cultural heritage.

5 has lines of action to attend and intervene from different perspectives.

Strengthen the social fabric, through various actions that promote in the students of Compulsory Education knowledge and sensitivity for their community, respect, love, identity, sense of belonging and the roots of their land.

Establish the foundations to improve the quality of life of the students, generating in them co-responsible attitudes oriented to be factors of change and transformation in the Tamaulipas society, through a humanistic education to recover the greatness of Tamaulipas.

At the federal level, the program is based on:

  • Article 3º. Political Constitution of the United Mexican States
  • Article 3º. General Education Law
  • Secretarial Agreement 592 in which the Articulation of Basic Education is established
  • 2011 Study Plan. Basic education
  • National Development Plan 2013-2018
  • Sectoral Education Plan 2013-2018
  • Educational Model for Compulsory Education
  • * Scope of Curriculum Autonomy

- Promote personal and social development

- Regional knowledge

- Social impact projects

At the state level, the program is based on:

  • State Development Plan 2016-2022 * Social Welfare Axis:

Education,,,, To promote a sense of identity and belonging through values, the culture of legality, art and sport. Promote and disseminate access to quality education, through incentives and training actions. Strengthen the culture of social participation for the integral development of education. Provide courses aimed at educating for peace from school, in order to promote the social and economic development of the entity. Encourage the participation of parents to improve the academic achievement of their children and to contribute to the creation of a culture of peace.

Culture,,,, Strengthen the practices and creative capacities of the different artistic and cultural manifestations in the Tamaulipas. Rebuild and preserve the cultural and historical heritage. Promote and disseminate culture and the arts as a tool to strengthen the social fabric. Strengthen Tamaulipas identity through the rescue, preservation and dissemination of cultural and historical heritage. Generate links between society and civil associations to promote, disseminate and diversify cultural and artistic activities.

Tamaulipas Chapter Educational Model * Coexistence Node

Lines of action:

  1. Development of social impact projects "Strengthening the identity of Tamaulipas".
  2. Co-curricular Program Pride Tamaulipas for Primary and Secondary, in the field of Curricular Autonomy.
  3. Strategy "My school for the restitution of the social fabric", keynotes, workshops, group dynamics and presentations in institutions focused on high marginalization and low educational achievement.
  4. Strategy "Exchange of successful experiences", where participants can share evidence and suggestions of their practice and implementation of the program.
  5. Website in the official site of the SET, in order to attend and interact with users and maintain a permanent communication.

For more information, you can contact:

Education secretary
Executive Unit
Coordination of the Tamaulipas Pride Program
Government Tower "José López Portillo", 4 Floor, Blvd. Praxedis Balboa s / n,
Col. Miguel Hidalgo, Cd. Victoria, Tam., CP 87090
Tel .: (834) 318 9152, ext .: 56311, 56318, 56410
Email: orgullo.tamaulipeco@tam.gob.mx


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