Basic education

School Technical Council (CTE)
During the school year, the Secretariat of Public Education, through the Undersecretariat of Basic Education and in the framework of the actions of the school to the center, continues supporting the work of the CTE through the guides for the sessions of the ordinary phase and with the purpose that these serve as support and guide the educational actions of the teaching collectives.

Continuing Education and Teaching Update
The mission of Continuous Training and Teaching Update is to offer teachers of Basic Education of Tamaulipas, options for continuous training and updating, with the support of ICT and support to staff in teaching functions, management, supervision and pedagogical technical advice, for contribute to the improvement of student learning.
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Binational Migrant Education Program
Its objective is to grant official recognition to the primary and secondary education studies of the population that migrates between Mexico and the United States of America and vice versa, facilitating their location in the receiving school according to their age, grade and record of grades in the corresponding matters.

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