• 13 October 2017

Strategies are strengthened to reduce school dropout in high school.

  • SEP promotes diverse strategies to achieve it.

As part of the actions to reduce the dropout rate at the high school level, the Ministry of Public Education promotes the initiative "Keep studying, follow your dreams", whose purpose is to inform young people of the support they have on their campus as advice from tutors and vocational counselors, scholarships, among others, which seek to support them in their decision to continue their school project, mainly in the first months of He started his baccalaureate studies.

These information actions are inserted in the Movement I Do not Abandon, which launched the Under Secretariat of Higher Secondary Education as a comprehensive national strategy that considers the joint and coordinated participation of federal and state education authorities, school managers, teachers, parents, students and society in general, to achieve higher rates of access, permanence and successful completion of the Higher level studies.

Keep studying, follow your dreams seeks to promote among students a series of supports at their disposal to continue their educational career. These support strategies for students are aimed at addressing the three most frequent causes of school dropout: economic factors, academic issues and personal or family decisions.

To address the economic aspect, the SEP promotes a variety of types of scholarships, specifically, the I Do not Abandon Scholarship. The amount of this scholarship ranges between 650 pesos and 875 pesos, depending on the school year and sex.

Regarding academic dynamics, programs such as:

  • The Academic tutorials(of teachers and peers) which is a personalized accompaniment process that aims to improve school performance, solve school problems and develop study and work habits to avoid failure, lag and school dropout;
  • The program Young readers that strengthens academic performance through reading and writing, has a website with more than 130 thousand links to literary, scientific and technical texts; In addition, it is a space where young people can publish opinion articles for this community, nationally and even in other countries.
  • Portal of Vocational guidance Decide your studies,that provides students with the necessary information to choose the career to pursue (technical or undergraduate level), select the area of ​​the baccalaureate according to their academic interests, choose the optional subjects that reinforce your preparation, as well as facilitate their incorporation into the labor market, if so required;
  • Service Educational orientation, which supports students in a comprehensive manner with programs that contribute to the development of their competencies and, in turn, address the school, vocational and psychosocial areas that affect the teaching-learning process;

Regarding personal and personal decisions, the aim is to serve young people with the program Build T, which has the purpose of strengthening the socio-emotional skills of the students, and thus improving their academic trajectory and the school environment. Social-emotional learning refers to the young person's ability to face in a positive and assertive manner the different risks he faces due to his age, his family context, his socioeconomic condition and the vicissitudes of life in general.

These services and programs are available to all students who are at risk of dropping out of school, who need the support or intervention of academic authorities.

As part of the initiative Keep studying, follow your dreams, the SEP created a site where young people can find information about these support programs as well as messages and videos from other young people who share their experiences about how to stay and finish high school studies. This portal is located at the address www.sems.gob.mx/sigue-estudiando.

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