Code of ethics

Code of conduct of the Ministry of Education

Those of us who work in the Ministry of Education share the responsibility and privilege of contributing to the fundamental task for the development and prosperity of Mexico: the formation of the good citizens who will take the reins of our great country in the near future.

To achieve these purposes, it is necessary to have an ethical reference that guides the behavior of those who collaborate in this Secretariat. This model of behavior contains the elements that express the way in which public servants will conduct themselves, considering above all the search for the common good.

Let's make this code of conduct, the guide of our daily act, both at work and outside it, and make the Secretariat of Education of Tamaulipas the foundation of Mexico stronger, more inclusive, more democratic and generous, we all want .

Common benefit: our decisions are directed to satisfy the needs and interests of society, above particular conveniences. Our judgments and conduct are not influenced by efforts that harm or benefit individuals or groups to the detriment of society. Public service is a mission that acquires legitimacy by satisfying social demands and never when pursuing individual benefits.

Integrity: we act with honesty and attachment to the truth. We promote the credibility of society in public institutions and contribute to generating a culture of trust and attachment to the truth.

Honesty: We avoid obtaining personal advantage or advantage from our public office or to favor third parties. We do not seek or accept compensation or benefits from any person or organization that compromises our public performance.

Impartiality: we act without knowing any preferences or undue privileges to any organization or person. We make objective decisions, without prejudice and without allowing the influence of other people.

Respect: We give people decent treatment, courteous, cordial and with tolerance. We recognize your rights, liberties and qualities at all times.

Justice: we conduct ourselves in accordance with the legal norms inherent to the public function we perform, with the obligation to know, comply with and enforce the legal provisions that regulate the exercise of our institutional responsibility.

Transparency: We allow and guarantee access to government information, in accordance with the regulatory provisions and the privacy rights of individuals specified in the law. We make responsible and clear use of public resources, with transparency and without undue discretion in their application.

Equality: We provide the services of our responsibility to every person, regardless of sex, age, race, creed, religion or political preference. We do not accept the influence of circumstances that lead to non-compliance with responsibility.

Accountability: We assume responsibility for our performance in compliance with the evaluation process of it. We perform our functions with efficiency and quality. We develop processes of continuous improvement, with openness, modernization and optimization of public resources.

Leadership: Fully complying with this code of ethics in the performance of our public functions promotes values ​​and principles in society. We build citizens' trust in their instructions, through our attitude, performance and good performance.


  • August 16, 2019
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