• 16 de julio de 2019
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They recognized the Good Educational Practices


Ciudad Victoria, Tam., 16 of July of 2019.

The Government of the State of Tamaulipas delivered Recognitions of Good Educational Practices, during an event held at CRETAM in Victoria City.

The Undersecretary of Upper and Upper Secondary Education of the SET, Miguel Efren Tinoco Sanchez gave the awards to the Higher and Higher Education Institutions, the good educational practices of the directors, teachers and students, as well as to the Public, Private and Civil Associations committed to strengthening education in Tamaulipas.

11 received acknowledgments regarding: Compliance with the applicable educational regulations, School-company-government link, Teacher and / or outstanding students in the development of educational projects, Good quality academic programs evaluated by external agents, Outstanding women in equity and education projects. .

Also in: Contributions to Educational Research and Innovation, Entrepreneur committed to the development of education, Leadership Leadership, Recognition of Educational Internationalization, Recognition of Educational Inclusion and Recognition of outstanding sports, artistic and cultural participations.

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