• April 02 2019
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Call winner «Name your Robot»

Story Story

Values: Inclusion and Respect

Teaching: Accepting ourselves and those around us We all contribute a grain of sand and we recognize that we are different.

Competitor: Marco Antonio Lumbreras Gómez
Name of school: Kindergarten Estefanía Castañeda
Municipality: Antiguo Morelos, Tam.


Tamito grew up on the outskirts of Cd. Victoria, never met his parents, and was raised by his grandmother RoboTita, an old 1900 generation robot; Tamito, although of a more recent model, lacked a little leg, which his grandmother to make less sad his childhood, he adapted a can of soda and small ties of wire and wood. Tamito grew up in a small town that rarely had light and water, his dream was to go to the park for the first time and meet animal species, in that beautiful park that he only knew in his grandmother's stories: Tamatán.

Tamito had 12 years, and his high school was far from his village, every day he traveled with the milkman 60 kilometers to attend his classes. He lived a childhood without luxuries, and every night he waited for sunlight to get ready and learn more from his teacher. The weekends and vacations were sometimes boring because he did not go to his school, but he used his free time to advance his exercise books, he loved to read a lot, make letters and help his grandfather RoboTita with household chores.

Although his liking for school was the most, there was no lack of a partner who made fun of using a tin leg. That depressed Tamito a lot, because he did not hurt them, on the contrary, he often helped with tasks to make more friends. His good grades provoked the envy of many who did not explain how if he was an "incomplete" being he could be better than them.

One day Tamito asked his grandmother to make a cake with lots of polish to take to school, Tamito very happy came running with the cake and his books to give a big surprise.

BrayanCop, a robot of last generation, led lights and hair that was his most special and striking attraction, some stilts that allowed him to be taller than everyone else, had been planning a joke against the innocent Tamito for days, so Seeing him get his foot in, and little Tamito will hit the ground with the delicious sandwich that his grandfather had prepared for him, leaving mud on his face from which came small tears of sadness.

The teacher, running goes and picks up Tamito, cleans the shoe polish and consoles his crying, asking him who was such a nice detail, so he responds:

- The cake was for my friend BrayanCop, I just wanted to tell him that I admire him a lot and that I like his LED lights and that his stilts are great, that he had never seen one so perfect, modern, tall and strong, and that today it is his birthday this was my gift, teacher let me go I do not like that they see me like that, besides I'm all muddy and my surprise is no longer.

BrayanCop was amazed, never expected someone who was not from his circle of friends to have such a noble gesture, so he went and hugged Tamito, gave him his stilts which he adapted at that moment to his little tin leg.

The teacher, happy for the emotional scene, announced good news for all:

-Dear students I am pleased to inform you that our group got the best score of the PLANEA test, Tamito was the highest and thanks to him, the director and the Association of parents give us a trip to Cd. Victoria with a visit to our educational authorities and guess what: also to the Planetarium and to Tamatán.

Tamito shouted and almost fainted with joy never thought that his dream would come true and that thanks to his generosity and intelligence, his colleagues named him group representative and included in all the activities, from that day everyone understood that they were different, but none better than another, all friends and happy, with their good and bad, different and fun things: perfectly imperfect.


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