• 03 de julio de 2019
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Program "Actions in the Tamaulipas Field" Topic: Agroecology in Tamaulipas

Biol. María Guadalupe Vega Barrón and LCA José Luis Rosales Fuentes.

Engineer Néstor Morales Riestra, Researcher of the 271 Agricultural Technological Baccalaureate Center in Soto La Marina, Tamaulipas, began the interview by commenting on what Agroecology is, as well as how many agroecological systems exist. He also pointed out the difference between agroecology and agroecology. sustainable agriculture.

He spoke about the implementation of agroecological techniques that are used for the recovery of soil fertility and the Integrated Management of Induced Crops (MICI) program. He explained the actions that are being carried out in Tamaulipas on soil restoration.

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