• 01 de julio de 2019
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Government of Tamaulipas delivers 11.9 tons of certified seed to producers of Soto La Marina and Casas

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.- Giving continuity to the actions for the strengthening of agriculture in Tamaulipas, under a coordinated work with the municipal presidents of Soto la Marina and Casas, the Government of the State through the Ministry of Rural Development made the delivery of subsidized quality seed, within the framework of the Program for the Promotion of Rural Productivity.

During a work tour that the Secretary of Rural Development, Ariel Longoria García made to those municipalities, delivered a total of 11.9 tons of certified seed, which includes varieties of grain sorghum and forage sorghum, as well as black beans and corn to be planted nearby of 900 hectares during this Spring-Summer agricultural cycle 2019.

In this issue that seeks to solve the production costs of the farmers of Soto la Marina, the Secretary addressed them to encourage them to use the seed in time and form to take advantage of the humidity registered by the municipality derived from the recent rains.

"This is the second time that Secretary Ariel Longoria has visited us in less than six months and the seed he is giving us today is of quality, improved in resistance and production," said Abel Gámez Cantú, municipal president of Soto la Marina.

Of the 11.9 tons of certified seed, in Houses were delivered 4.7 tons of the same varieties with the purpose of encouraging agricultural activity and raising productivity in rural areas of this municipality that has been hit by frost and drought.

"We want Mayor Janeth Barrón to feel sheltered by Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca and by a server to take our field forward, "said Ariel Longoria García, secretary of Rural Development.

It was at Casas where he stressed that farmers have been affected by frosts and droughts that have reduced their agricultural and livestock production and to cushion those losses, he said "we will continue to support backyard gardens and laying birds, that is a commitment that I have with the mayoress".

The municipalities of Soto la Marina and Casas concentrate a cattle herd of approximately 227 thousand 600 head of cattle, so also Secretary Longoria García highlighted the purpose of the delivery of forage sorghum seed for both municipalities.

He said that the intention is to produce fodder to face the dry season, for that reason, "we promote in farmers the sowing of forage sorghum so that you produce the food and can maintain your livestock those four critical months", said the state official.

For its part, Mayor Janeth Barrón acknowledged before 113 beneficiaries, the support received in the 2018, ranging, from safflower seed, support for the past frosts, packages of orchards, birds and with this seed that will be of great utility to work the field, "he said.

In both events there was the presence of the Undersecretary of Agricultural Development, Francisco Quintanilla Sosa, Directors of Rural Development of Soto la Marina and Villa de Casas, as well as municipal officials.

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