Tamaulipas reaffirms its commitment in Animal Health

16 MDP will be inverted in an integral sweep against Tb, Br and Bovine Paralytic Rabies

Aldama, Tamaulipas.- Through the joint action between authorities of the three levels of government and livestock producers of Aldama, the Comprehensive Sweep against Tuberculosis, Brucellosis and Bovine Paralytic Rabies was launched in that municipality, whose purpose is to guarantee animal health in almost 2 thousand 780 Units of Livestock Production (UPP).

With an investment of close to 16 million pesos, the head of the Rural Development Secretariat, Ariel Longoria García said that the operational mechanics of these actions will be carried out in nine quadrants or geographical areas of Aldama, where the sweep in 190 thousand is contemplated 196 bovine.

During the presentation of the campaign and against livestock producers, he said that health is essential for a profitable economic activity and with this sweep, the State Government, the UGRT, the SENASICA and the Committee for the Promotion and Protection of Livestock seek to reinforce the competitiveness of the municipality that has the majority of the livestock inventory of the entity, without neglecting other areas.

Secretary Longoria Garcia added that the goal is to complete the sweep of cattle for the end of this 2019, so he urged livestock producers to present to the responsible veterinary doctors all the cattle to make a real sweep that truly benefits them.

"That includes everyone, guys, big, medium; To all livestock farmers in the municipality of Aldama, it is important that tests are done in all the herds, especially in rural communities; Having healthy livestock allows us to sell it or export it at better prices, so we have to take care of what we have, "reiterated Longoria García.

The head of the Ministry of Rural Development made it clear that the livestock producer who has a free herd and keeps the evidence is exempt from doing the procedure, for which he said "the 2018 and 2019 tests that have been done in advance will be respected. "

At the start of this Campaign, Secretary Ariel Longoria García also referred to veterinarians to urge them to work without vices, to be honest and objective when reporting results and avoid sanctions; "Your work is very important to carry out this campaign successfully," he added.

Accompanied by the Undersecretary of Livestock and Forestry Development, Romeo Flores Leal, the Secretary indicated that the decision of the State Executive is to comply with and enforce the entire legal framework in Animal Health and this implies laws, federal and state regulations.

He announced that he will follow up on this Campaign in which everyone is obliged to participate for a common benefit. He informed that an assessment is being made to benefit the producer so that his monetary contribution in the tuberculosis and brucellosis tests is minimal.

Regarding the Bovine Paralitic Rabies caused by the hematophagous or vampire bat and in order to protect livestock, a vaccination scheme is also contemplated with the application of 90 thousand doses in order to prevent and protect livestock against this disease in that municipality.

He said that the doses are already approved and the doctor who attends the quadrant will be the same one who will apply the vaccine without cost to the producer. He expressed his interest in promoting the culture of prevention to prevent the occurrence of livestock deaths as a result of these attacks.

In the event were present, the municipal president of Aldama, Jorge Luis González Rosales; the president of the UGRT, Julio Gutiérrez Chapa; the president of the AGL de Aldama, Joaquín Pazzi Alemán; the state representative of SENASAICA in Tamaulipas, Humberto Vázquez Ramírez; in addition to the General Manager of the Committee for the Promotion and Protection of Livestock in Tamaulipas, Ramiro de la Garza Fernández.

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