GobTam listens to Altamira soy producers, delivers 100 tons of certified seed

Altamira, Tamaulipas.- The Secretary of Rural Development, Ariel Longoria García made the free delivery of 100 tons of certified soy seed, Huastec varieties, which will be distributed over a surface of 2 thousand 500 hectares, which will allow producers to have a yield of approximately 3 thousand 750 tons with a value higher than the 26.2 million pesos.

In this meeting it was demonstrated that the Government directed by Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca It has always bet on the field, so this unprecedented delivery will benefit 250 ejidatarios of the social order that due to the drought, the high costs of inputs and seeds, only managed to plant 18 thousand hectares in the 2018 year.

Speaking, Secretary Ariel Longoria Garcia highlighted the coordination he has had with Mayor Alma Laura Amparán Cruz to land these supports that will promote rural productivity in the 2019 Spring-Summer Agricultural Cycle.

"I reiterate my commitment to continue working with the Mayor; as responsible for the agricultural policy of Tamaulipas reaffirm my decision to make actions that make a difference, so that this soybeans that will be used in their lands will reactivate 2 thousand 500 hectares, as it is one of the varieties that perfectly adapts to the region, "said the state official.

Altamira is the main producer of soybeans in the country where up to 40 thousand hectares of this crop are planted, distributed in 40 ejidos and 10 congregations; and it is precisely in these regions where they have managed to harvest annually close to 60 thousand tons.

The mayor Alma Laura Amparán took advantage of her participation to thank the support of Governor Garcia Cabeza de Vaca for contemplating the municipality of Altamira in the dispersion of certified soy seed, the fungicide and inoculant, as he said that, "in the work of the field there is no time or rest."

In his dialogue with agricultural producers, Secretary Ariel Longoria García highlighted the importance of the recent rains recorded in the southern zone of Tamaulipas, by ensuring that these rainfall will generate enough moisture to plant the seed.

He said that these rains will not only benefit the agricultural sector, but also the livestock sector, since the widespread rain in almost the entire state, will also contribute to the development of foliage for livestock feed.

Minutes before delivering the sacks of seed, Longoria García said that each producer will receive approximately 40 kilos of seed per hectare to plant a limit of 10 hectares.

In the event held in the ejido José María Luis Mora, known as "Las Margaritas", were also present, the Secretary of Economy, Gonzalo Alemán Migliolo; the ejidal commissioner, Ricardo Sánchez de la Rosa; the representative of the beneficiaries, Rogelio Godoy Andrade, as well as municipal officials.

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