• March 23 2019
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Celebration of producers of Brahman national convention in Tamaulipas

The meeting, which brought together producers from various countries and states, returned to Tamaulipas after 10 years of not being in this entity.

Tampico, Tamaulipas.- The governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca presided over Friday afternoon Brahman Elite Auction, under the XXII National Exhibition of that race, considered one of the most important livestock exhibitions in the country that this time brought together more than 3 thousand visitors and ranchers from different states and countries of the United States, Guatemala, Colombia and Brazil.

In the national livestock exhibition, which returned to Tamaulipas after 10 years, breeders and producers of 62 from Chiapas, Guerrero, Jalisco, San Luis Potosi, Tabasco, Yucatan, Veracruz and different municipalities of Tamaulipas participated, which exposed the genetic quality of more than 500 copies of Brahman Gray and Red.

The president congratulated the organizers of the Brahman National Cattle Exposition, because it represents the opportunity to make known not only to Mexico, but to the World the genetic quality that the country has, and what Tamaulipas has.

"In Mexico we have a very high genetic quality; and that we are up to anyone in the world, that is thanks to you, to the Mexican breeders of Brahman Gray and Red, who put the name of Mexico on high, "said the governor.

Ante industrial livestock, García Cabeza de Vaca endorsed the commitment to the farmers of Tamaulipas, "always have an ally, I say not only as Governor, but as a cattle rancher that I am, I thank you infinitely the effort, the work, they do to improve year after year their herds, count always with an ally here in Tamaulipas. "

For his part, Ricardo Casanova Quintanilla, President of the Mexican Association of Breeders of Cebu, recognized the Governor of Tamaulipas; as the best ally to carry out this type of events.

The Auction of Brahman, offered 28 lots of elite of these copies; previous, the track of qualifications was the scenario for the trial of female and male specimens of the races Brahman Gris and Brahman Rojo, whose qualities in their composition are references to make better crosses among the Cebuist guild, thus highlighting the genetics of each livestock.

The Government of the State has generated the necessary conditions to recognize this sector and place the state as national capital in a variety of livestock herds.

Senator Ismael García attended the cattle exhibition Cabeza de Vaca; Ariel Longoria García, Secretary of Rural Development; Jorge André Díaz Loeza, Secretary of Rural Development of Yucatán; Jesús Nadar Nasrllah, Mayor of Tampico; Adrián Oseguera Kernión; munícipe of Ciudad Madero; José Manuel Gochicoa Matienzo, President of the Tamaulipas Delegation of breeders of Cebu; Don Manuel García Uresti, special guest.

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