IMMEX establishments

The Manufacturing Industry, Maquiladora and Export Services (IMMEX) in Tamaulipas is one of the most important economic forces, in the 2016 the value consumed by inputs in the Entity was 378 thousand 709 million pesos, according to the National Statistics Institute and Geography (INEGI) which represents a considerable economic income for the State.

Of all the 2016 inputs, in Reynosa the 48.7% was consumed, in Matamoros the 17.4%, the 14.2% in Nuevo Laredo, and the 19.7% divided among the remaining municipalities, which represents that the northern border of Tamaulipas is a of the strongest in activity within this economic sector.

In the same year, the economic benefit in compensation to the staff was 30 thousand 409.7 million pesos, of which 51.2% corresponds to those established in the municipality of Reynosa, 24.8% in Matamoros, 16.3% in Nuevo Laredo and the 7.7% in the remaining municipalities.

This year the values ​​continue to increase positively, the value of the consumables consumed by the IMMEX in Tamaulipas, from January to May of the 2017 have been 180 thousand 957 million pesos, of which the 11.5% have been national.

In the same period of time, the remuneration of personnel has been 10 thousand 978 million pesos, with a monthly average of 2 thousand 745 million pesos, these figures strengthen the economic development of Tamaulipas, besides providing citizens with opportunities to work.

All these indicators have been published by the INEGI (National Institute of Statistics and Geography).


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