Investment Portfolio

31 is currently involved in investment projects in promotion and 20 is in the process of being installed within the investment portfolio of Tamaulipas.

In the 20 projects in the process of installation, an economic return of one thousand 496 million dollars in investment will be obtained, and a generation of 10 thousand 588 new jobs are expected when all the projects are in operation.

Within the process of investment promotion, 31 has projects in the pipeline, if they are completed, they could generate an investment of two 2 thousand 408 million dollars, with a generation of 18 thousand 287 potential jobs.

The municipalities with greater activity are: Reynosa, Nuevo Laredo and Matamoros, for Reynosa there are 6 companies in promotion and 7 in process of installation, making it the most active municipality, when the installation projects are completed, in the region of said municipality they will be obtained Two thousand 573 new jobs, with an investment of 275 million dollars.

The origin of the projects within the investment portfolio, both promotion and installation process, are from Asia, the United States of America and Europe.

From Asia there are 14 companies in investment promotion and 2 in process of installation; from the United States of America, there are 7 companies in promotion and 9 in the process of being installed; of Europe 3 projects in promotion and 4 in process of installation, while the rest are distributed from different parts of the world.


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