The results obtained in the month of May ranked Tamaulipas as the entity with the highest growth in the northern border of Mexico.

Ciudad Victoria, Tama.- Tamaulipas occupied the third national position in the generation of employment during the month of May, with the creation of 5,906 formal places locating it of the entities of the north of the country that showed the most dynamism during this year.

Thus, along with Mexico City and the State of Mexico, Tamaulipas heads the list of the only 3 entities that generated more than 5 thousand formal jobs, according to figures from the Mexican Institute of Social Security, which reveals that only 15 states They contributed positive numbers.

From January to May, formal employment in Tamaulipas has grown in 9,887 places, 82% (8,135) permanent and 18% (1,752) eventual, which means that the majority corresponds to jobs that guarantee long-term formal support for the Tamaulipas.

In Tamaulipas, the formal workers registered in the IMSS in May of 2019 were 684,150, in this data they stand out for their participation the industry of the transformation with the 44.3% and the commerce with the 17.2%, affirmed the Secretary of Economic Development, Carlos García González

In the distribution of the number of workers registered in the IMSS by region, Reynosa groups the 34.1% of the total, Tampico concentrates the 20.4% and Matamoros the 18.9%, in these three regions it concentrates more than 70% of the total in the state; In addition, the generation of jobs in the capital Ciudad Victoria rebounded, with 1,977 bases registered from January to May.

The Government of Tamaulipas is firmly working on a strategy to promote regional, national and foreign investments, so that new business projects are established in their regions and new formal positions are achieved for the Tamaulipas.

The overall results of formal employment generation until May of 2019, indicate that Tamaulipas is in the position number 12, above Coahuila, Yucatan, Hidalgo, among other entities.

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