Companies of English, Indian and Japanese origin will generate around a thousand new jobs in the city of Reynosa

June 12 of the 2019

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas. - Two new maquiladoras will begin operations in the next six months in the border city of Reynosa, while one more will carry out an expansion of their project, boosting the economic development of this area in the north of the state.

The operations of these three companies of foreign origin represent an investment of approximately 80 million dollars and the creation of around a thousand new jobs.

The Government of Tamaulipas argues that the arrival of Indo-MIM Pvt from India and Delphi Technologies from England, as well as the expansion of Nidec Motor Corp. of Japan, confirms the leadership of the border area of ​​Tamaulipas with the United States as an important point of industrial development in the northeast of Mexico.

This announcement is an achievement of the relationship that the state administration has with agencies for the economic development and investment promotion of South Texas, with whom a constant collaboration and exchange of information has been maintained since the beginning of the mandate of the Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca.

Delphi Technologies is investing more than 22 million dollars for its new plant in Reynosa generating 400 jobs, while Indo-MIM in Reynosa will create 200 new jobs with its investment of 25 million dollars; Nidec Motor Corp., will grow its plant to 126 one thousand square feet and will add 400 new jobs to the thousand already existing.

Indo-MIM Pvt is dedicated to the molding and manufacture of metal parts, while Delphi Technologies will develop devices for hybrid and electric vehicles, and in its expansion Nidec Motor will realize motors and controls for the industrial, commercial and residential sectors.

"We have intensified investment promotion taking advantage of our advantages as a region, we team with the cities of South Texas, Tamaulipas is above other regions of the country for its logistical advantages," said Carlos Garcia Gonzalez, Secretary of Economic Development.

He added that only the 2018 year, Tamaulipas was ranked as the number 7 state in the attraction of foreign direct investment and work is being done to promote the arrival of more investments to continue advancing.

The vast majority of jobs in the manufacturing sector in Tamaulipas are located in the city of Reynosa, because of the potential for foreign trade provided by its international crossings; until March of this 2019 the number of jobs generated by this sector in that city was more than 150 thousand.

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