• March 19 2019
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The entity is positioned in the world of business globally through an investment promotion platform.

March 19 of 2019

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas- The state of Tamaulipas published the digital platform Invest in Tam to strengthen the attraction of regional, national and foreign investments, this tool will contribute to position their regions to generate a greater impact in the promotion of their benefits and competitive advantages .

The entity establishes as a promotion strategy this digital medium in several languages, which includes a number of data, which put Tamaulipas on the global map as a region with enormous development potential.

Anyone who wants to invest in Tamaulipas today has Invest In Tam, www.investintamaulipas.com where you will easily find from the location of industrial parks, to the geographical situation and many details regarding infrastructure and services that will give information to investors from all over the world to make decision making easier.

The Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca, strongly promotes the attraction of capital for the generation of formal jobs, convinced that the only way to reduce poverty and unemployment rates is by creating permanent and safe income for the inhabitants.

Invest In Tam seeks to position itself as the system used by business and government agencies such as consulates and embassies, which need to make presentations on any region, this network will allow investors, site selectors, brokers, suppliers and the business sector in general to make a best job.

It is a multi-content online platform, to position and reference the competitive advantages, as well as the investment opportunities that Tamaulipas offers to the world, in the strategic sectors of the state such as electric, electronic, automotive, chemical, petrochemical and aerospace.

The Secretary of Economic Development, Carlos García González, affirmed that investors who are in any country and who see the border of Mexico with the United States as a strategic position for their business, will have on hand through Invest In Tam, a tool that will give them vital information about Tamaulipas, with a dynamic interaction, that with a click away, allows access to a true informative radiography of the state.

The Secretariat of Economic Development of the State has managed to unify efforts with the municipalities, in such a way that this tool is the base of promotion of each locality and that with it already they take an advantage before any possibility of investment.

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