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  • Organization: Institute of Women in Tamaulipas 
  • Publication date: 07 September 2021

The Institute of Women in Tamaulipas provides care to women in the area of ​​social, psychological and legal work

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Unit or Entity Institute of Women in Tamaulipas 
Last modification date 18 October 2021
Publication date 07 September 2021
License Free Use MX
Contact name Lic. Zoila Estrella Ovalle Salazar
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Data Dictionary:
Regional Center municipalities)
Report social work
Channeled to Legal rights holders channeled to legal
Channeled to Psychology articles of law channeled to psychology
Orientation and Channeling right holders channeled to guidance and channeling
Legal attention Legal attention
Psychological attention Psychological attention
Physical violence Physical violence
Psychological Violence Psychological Violence
Sexual violence Sexual violence
Economic Violence Economic Violence
Patrimonial violence Patrimonial violence
Symbolic violence Symbolic violence
Obstetric Violence Obstetric Violence
Family family modality
Teaching teaching modality
Community community mode
Labor and Employment labor modality
Media media modality
institutional institutional modality
15 to 19 years age range 15 to 19 years
20 to 24 years age range 20-24 years
25 to 29 years age range 25-29 years
30 to 34 years age range 30-34 years
35 to 39 years age range 35-39 years
40 to 44 years age range 40-44 years
45 to 49 years age range 45-49 years
50 to 54 years age range 50-54 years
55 to 59 years age range 55-59 years
Hereinafter 60 age range 60 and up
Elementary Primary school level
Middle School Secondary education level
High School or Equivalent High School or Equivalent level of education
Professional or Postgraduate Professional or Postgraduate level of education
No Studies No Studies
Access Level Public