Complaints and complaints 070

What is the Citizen's Denunciation for?

So you can express your complaints and complaints about the poor performance of a public servant of the state executive, derived from any procedure and / or service performed within the Public Administration and punish who is responsible according to current regulations.

General Objective:

Maintain and continually improve an area for the collection of complaints and denunciations, which provides citizens with agile, transparent and easily accessible mechanisms, and which distributes them among the competent areas for their attention, observing their follow-up.


Personal and immediate in the established schedules.

Resolution Time:

Variable, depending on the magnitude of the irregularity reported.


The Complaints and Complaints Department receives the manifestation, qualifies it and turns it into the corresponding Internal Control Body, which will be responsible for carrying out the respective procedure, which will culminate through the imposition of the sanction or the inadmissibility.

Legal framework:

  • Political Constitution of the State of Tamaulipas
  • Law of Public Servants' Responsibilities
  • Organic Law of the State Public Administration
  • Labor Law for Public Servants of the State
  • Internal Regulation of the Government Comptroller


If you need to file a complaint and / or complaint, you only need to expose your situation through the following means:


Via telephone:

to). To the 070 toll-free number at the state level;

b) If you are out of state, call 01 800 58 111 00.

In writing or personally:

to). In the facilities of the Bicentennial Park Government Office Center, 15 Floor.

b) Before the Heads of the Internal Control Bodies or through the Commissioner as the Surveillance Control Body in which the irregularity was detected.

By email by accessing the following link:

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