Organization Manual

What are the Organization Manuals?

The manual is a document that contains, in an orderly and systematic, information about the history, organizational structure, internal organization, basic profiles of the position and functions of an organization considered necessary for the best execution of the work.

What are the benefits of having the manual?

  • Present a comprehensive vision of the dependency or entity.
  • Specify the functions entrusted to each administrative unit, to define responsibilities, avoid duplications and detect omissions.
  • Serve as a means of integration and orientation for new staff.
  • The citizen knows what specific activities are carried out by each area of ​​the State Government.

Who is responsible for its preparation?

Each Dependency and Entity are responsible for the preparation of its Organization Manual, taking as a guide document the Guidelines that the Government Comptroller issues.

What is the role of the Government Comptroller in this activity?

The Organic Law of the Public Administration of the State of Tamaulipas empowers the Government Comptroller through its article 11, numeral 3 so that the manuals are prepared according to the norms and guidelines that it issues; so also in the article 40 fraction XXI and XXII so that it emits the guidelines that must follow and maintain an updated compilation of these.

The Government Comptroller provides advice during the whole process of preparation, from the training of the links to the publication in the Official Newspaper; it also supports the annual reviews that each agency and entity must observe.

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