Advanced electronic signature of the State of Tamaulipas

What is the electronic signature?

The signature autograph has been the legal instrument to manifest the will of an act through paper; However, currently the evolution of this concept makes it vital to implement other forms of carrying out this same activity, which is why the Electronic Signature has been promoted, which, although it is embodied in an intangible medium, has the same value as the signature autograph.

What are its benefits?

The Electronic Signature will speed up procedures, reduce costs and savings to the citizen or public servant of time in transfers to government offices; this through the use of information technologies in government processes. Transparency, accountability and government innovation are essential elements to promote the development of the State and meet citizen needs.

Who controls the issue of the Electronic Signature?

To coordinate the activities related to the Electronic Signature, the Law of Advanced Electronic Signature for the State creates the figure of the "Certifying Authority", it is in the Subcontralory of Evaluation and Improvement of the Management of the Government Comptroller.

What activities does the Certification Authority do?

This Authority is responsible for the issuance and revocation of the Advanced Electronic Signature Certificates, keeping a record of the issued certificates.

It promotes the use of the Electronic Signature within the Government of the State, supporting the areas in the analysis for its implementation in the process or service always keeping as a focus the benefits that the citizen would obtain.

Currently, the Advanced Electronic Signature is in use in the areas of the Attorney General's Office, the Ministry of Education, the General Secretariat of Government, the Registry and Cadastral Institute of the State and the Colegio de Bachilleres del Estado; always driving the use in more governmental areas.


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