Social Comptroller

What is social contraloria?

  • The General Law of Social Development establishes in its Article 69. The Social Comptrollership is recognized as the mechanism of the beneficiaries, in an organized manner, to verify the fulfillment of the goals and the correct application of the public resources assigned to the social development programs.

How does social contraloria work?

  • The General Law of Social Development establishes the bases with the purpose that the dependencies and entities of the Federal Public Administration promote and carry out the necessary actions for the integration and operation of the social comptroller;
  • Likewise, provide the elements that allow them to establish in the operating rules of said programs and in the coordination agreements that are concluded with the Federal and State Governments, with the participation that corresponds to the Municipalities, the mechanisms and specific actions to promote and support social comptroller programs;
  • For this purpose, the Agreement establishing the Guidelines for the Promotion and Operation of the Social Comptroller's Office in the Federal Social Development Programs is issued.

Those who participate?

What benefits does it provide?

  • Create a co-responsibility between the government and the beneficiaries.
  • Encourages the organized participation of citizens.
  • It helps improve public works and services.
  • It allows citizens to have a space of opinion and vigilance about social development programs.
  • It inhibits corruption, discretion and the political use of public programs.
  • Contributes elements to establish control strategies.
  • Strengthens the bonds of trust between government and society.
  • Promotes mechanisms to meet social demands in an organized manner.


What is a social contraloria committee?

  • It is a social organization constituted by beneficiaries of the social development programs in charge of the dependencies and entities of the Federal, State and Municipal Public Administration for the monitoring, supervision and surveillance of the fulfillment of the goals and committed actions.
  • A Committee of Social Comptrollership is integrated in each of the participating localities of the different programs.
  • The committee is composed of the direct beneficiaries of the program, democratically elected, will be composed of men and women.
  • To certify the integration of the committee, the corresponding minutes must be formalized as well as request the registration thereof.

How many social contraloria committees have been trained?

In the past 6 years the Government Comptroller has participated in the integration and training of 1314 Social Control committees that are equivalent to more than 15,000 social comptrollers responsible for monitoring the works, supports, actions and services offered by federal programs such as Pension for the Elderly , Support for Housing, Prosper, Temporary Employment, Drinking Water and Sewerage and Habitat, among others.


How can I participate in social comptroller?

  • In addition to participating as a member of the Committees of Social Comptrollership, each citizen can participate and exercise the Social Comptroller's Office from the moment he / she thinks, points out or denounces any detected irregularity, among others:
  • During the execution of works deficiencies appear.
  • By conditioning the delivery of social support.
  • Noting the dishonest actions of public servants that condition a benefit to which they are entitled.
  • When a public servant misuses a public resource.
  • As a beneficiary of a social program monitoring its correct operation.

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