“OCTOBER ROSA” Campaign begins at the Government Comptroller's Office

The Tamaulipas Government Comptroller's Volunteer Service delivered commemorative pins to the awareness campaign "Together for a Tamaulipas Without Cancer", which aims for women to be checked frequently to rule out or detect breast cancer in a timely manner.

The Government Comptroller, Mtro. Mario Soria Landero, accompanied by the Volunteer Liaison, gave the staff of this Unit a commemorative pin of the month “OCTOBER ROSA” sent to them by the President of the Tamaulipas DIF System, Mrs. Mariana G. de García Cabeza de Vaca.

“Breast cancer does not distinguish gender, age, or economic position, check yourself frequently! It is the message that Mrs. Mariana Gómez conveys to all the women who work in the Government Comptroller of Tamaulipas.

The staff of this Unit welcomed the gift pin and showed their willingness to join the campaign, frequently checking the women and sharing the information and invitation with their family and friends.

For the Governor of Tamaulipas, Francisco Javier García Cabeza de Vaca, it is of their priorities to reduce the incidence of cancer cases to the maximum and to attend them in a timely manner so that they are not a case of death.

The Government Comptroller, Soria Landero, offered to provide the facilities to all the women who work in the Unit to attend the preventive examination and urged men and women to contribute to this humanist campaign, sharing the information with everyone to whom possible.


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