• April 05 2019
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Government Comptroller's Office Signs Agreement with Tampico City Council to Combat Corruption

The Government Comptroller and the City of Tampico signed an agreement for the establishment of joint actions to collaborate on transparency and combating corruption, with the State Committee for Citizen Participation as a coadjutant.

On behalf of the Comptroller's Office signed the document the government comptroller Mario Soria Landero, for the municipality of Tampico, the mayor Jesus Nader Nasrallah, with the purpose of achieving greater transparency in public management and more active actions in the prevention and fight against corruption .

The event was held in the city of Tampico. Having as witnesses the President of the Coordinating Committee and the Citizen Participation Committee of the State Anticorruption System of Tamaulipas Héctor Alejandro de Anda Cortés and the first syndic Flavia Magdalena Gutiérrez Martínez.

When delivering his message, prior to the signing of the agreement, the Government Comptroller highlighted the decisive way in which Tamaulipas moves towards the consolidation of transparency and accountability, and prominently in the fight against corruption, due to the vision, will and conviction of the governor of Tamaulipas, Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca.

In an increasingly participatory society, transparency and accountability are a real citizen demand that forces governments and their institutions to work in a coordinated manner, as will the Government Comptroller and the City Council of Tampico, with the signing of this important agreement.

This event was presided over and witnessed by the comptroller Mario Soria Landero and Mayor Jesús Antonio Nader Nasrallah. Special guests were Mr. Héctor Alejandro de Anda Cortés, chairman of the coordinating committee and the citizen participation committee of the state anti-corruption system of Tamaulipas. José Hilario González García, deputy of the H. Congress of the State of Tamaulipas and president of the commission of anti-corruption and citizen participation.

As well as Raúl Rodrigo Pérez Luévano, subcontractor of evaluation and improvement of the management. Fernanda Beatriz Limón Ruiz, director of implementation of the anti-corruption and oversight system. Arturo Bazaldúa Guardiola, general secretary of the city council of Tampico and Fernando Alzaga Madaria, secretary of the municipal comptroller's office.

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